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June 2006
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notyetme [userpic]
Another Trip To The Endo...

I brought it along...it being the pill container I received from that unnamed drugstore that said I was out of refills. On the label it clearly stated, 'Three (3) refills left before 03/11/2007'.

"Erica, I promise you I wasn't dosing myself...look at this. It shows that I was taking what I was supposed to and they said I had no refills. They...they didn't like me..."

She looked it over with a puzzled look on her face and said, "Well, we can send it somewhere else from now on. This isn't acceptable. I sent a letter to them that should cover six month's worth, do you need it moved?"

"Oh, no...that's alright, I moved my store of choice to the one downtown, same drugstore, but totally different people."

She apologized for them, in her ever so sweet way. She has a way that just makes her more suited to being a nurse than a doctor, she's so connected to the people around her.

We went through the usual questions, and I updated her on everything else that has happened since the last time we spoke.

Then, one blood draw later I was out the door and now I wait until next Thursday for the results of my blood test. I really feel like my testosterone level has gone up some, but maybe I am just getting over analytical. Surely, though, my estrogen level has gone up again. The first blood draw it was not traceable, and the second time it had gone to 120. Now, I think, we are hoping for about 200...we'll see.

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